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Improving Public Policies

in a Digital World

14/15 NOV. 2017

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne


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The Origins of the “Academic Days on Open Government Issues”

The experiences observed since 2011 in member countries of OGP have shown that if civil society is largely associated with the process of open governments, the academic community has not been adequately consulted. It is important to emphasize that the university community must be part of the open government process. The concept of “Academic Days” was never experienced in previous events of the OGP. By organizing these days, with IMODEV and University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Dr. Irene Bouhadana and Dr. William Gilles have decided to organize for the first time a scientific event dedicated to issues of open government willing bring together academics - regardless their disciplines - to enable them to discuss these issues through a scientific approach.

The Academic Days aim to bring together all academics interested in these matters, that their country is or is not a member of the OGP. The underlying objective is to build a university doctrine on open-government issues: IMODEV, as an international network of researchers and academics, and the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne already working fully in favor of promoting these themes. The idea of ​​this scientific event at the Paris World Summit has thus forcefully imposed.

A Cross-Disciplinary and International Event

This scientific event aims to bring together all those who wish to think, with an academic approach, about themes that are associated with the opening of governments.

This multidisciplinary event will associate law, political science, economics, management, mathematics, computer science, social science, history, sociology, environmental science, arts, and all other subjects or field which may be related to these issues.

These days will, by their transverse and multidisciplinary character, understand, analyze and debate the issues of open government with representatives from the 5 continents.

A Collaborative Event

The aim of this scientific event is to make the various stakeholders and participants stakeholder event. Also it is possible for you to participate in various forms of intervention organized.

You can also propose new research topics related to the theme of this meeting provided you federate upon filing of the proposal a minimum of 6 players.

An Event Open to Youth, Students and Young Researchers: Transmit to the Leaders of Tomorrow

Moreover, these days are intended to be also open to young researchers (PhDs, PhD students, master students 2). The intention is to involve the younger generations to the challenges of tomorrow regarding open government issues. The young researchers will conduct roundtables or workshops.

A committee of young researchers will be established to coordinate this work.